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      At the Kraus Back and Neck Institute (KBNI), we specialize
                 in non-surgical as well as surgical treatments
                                of Back and Neck  Pain
     Conservative to Surgical Options: MINIMALLY INVASIVE SPINE SUGERY 
 "Applying Science to the Art of Medicine"                                                  
                 Dr. Kraus is available for Neurosurgery consultation (surgical and non-surgical) in Houston.
                      Offices:  1) West Houston Medical Center
                                    2) Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital
                                    3) Katy
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      To arrange  an appointment, call 281-870-9292,  visit
or   send an e mail
              For national and international patients, we can help with  travel arrangements
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                                            Dr. Kraus is honored to be listed in
                                            "Best Doctors in America" (2001-2008) and
                                             "Top Doctors of Houston, Texas" (2007, 2008, 2009)     

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Low Back Pain, can be very debilitating.  The effects of Low Back Pain in the USA are staggering!!

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How to Stick to Your Golf Fitness Program


How many times have you started an exercise program only to quit soon after?  We are all guilty of this.  Why does it happen?  How can we see it coming and get through it?  Good questions, right?  Well thatís what Iím going to talk about.  Iíll bet youíve said some of these statements before: 


        Donít have the time

        Donít have the energy

        Iíve tried, but just canít lose the weight

        Overwhelming and donít know how to get started

        Too many other commitments

        Itís the holidays, Iíll start right after

        Iím getting older, arenít I supposed to be getting stiff, sore and overweight


As you can see, this can be a vicious cycle that you may never get out of.  The only way to stick to your program long-term is to realize the benefits that lie ahead.  If you can picture yourself losing weight, getting stronger, hitting your drives further and playing your best golf Ė it will make it much easier to be consistent with your program.  Here are a few tips to help you stick to your program:


        Be realistic as to how many times per week you think you can exercise.  Itís so easy to say youíll do it everyday, but remember where your starting point is.  If you havenít been exercising for 3 months or more, I would strongly recommend picking a goal of 2 times a week for starters.  As you prove to yourself you can do this, then bump it up to 3 or more times a week.


        Assess your strengths and weaknesses, and prioritize accordingly.  It is much easier to break down your workout times to just the areas you need work.  For example, if you need to lose some weight (fat), spend a greater percentage of time doing cardiovascular activity.  If you want to improve strength and lean muscle, spend more time strength training.


        Choose a time that is consistent each day you work out.  I know for myself, if I do it first thing in the morning, I am much more consistent.  If I get up late and try to do it later, itís much more difficult and easier to come up with excuses.  Be aware of when you have the most energy.  Are you a morning person or an evening person?  This is very important when it comes to sticking to your fitness program long-term!


        Find a motivational calendar that gives you a different tip or statement every day.  I think these calendars work great!  I have one next to my computer with success quotes I read everyday.  It helps you plug along.


        And lastly have a support network of family or friends.  Even go as far as getting a workout partner.  This is one of the best ways to keep each other motivated.  When one of you doesnít feel like exercising usually the other one is there to keep you going. 


I hope you have found this article helpful in sticking to your program.  Remember that your goal is a healthy, strong body and great golf!  If you can remember this, you will be very successful with your program and reap ALL the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.  Your golf game will thank you for it!



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